Menopause Yoga & Self Care Circle

Menopause is a physical, emotional and spiritual transition. We are embarking on a new existence, a new energy and finding our place in the world.

Through my years of teaching yoga and exploring many healing modalities I have come to appreciate the ever changing nature of 'us'. No more so than when I began my own menopausal journey. Since then I have trained in dedicated menopause yoga as well as become a hormonal health practitioner and womb therapist.

In these regular circles we will explore what Yoga, Ayurveda, Mayan medicine and many more practises can do for us as menopausal women. There will be

- movement suitable for all bodies
- breath work
- meditation
- self massage
- hypnotherapy
- essential oils
- and more!

We may be joined by other practitioners who can share their expert knowledge as well as sharing amongst ourselves. We will provide everything so simply book in and turn up.