With Me

Lets journey together and bring some wild wholeness into your wellness.

Whether you are finding your way through life, menopause, menstrual difficulties or are making the fertility journey, we can work together.

Menstruation to Menopause 

Our womb connection is a source of great power when we are in sync with our own inner landscape. However when we are living with difficulties such as PCOS, endometriosis or Menopausal systems this connection can falter.

Fertility  & Conscious Conception

When you are wanting to bring a baby into your world there can be challenges and changes that you have never expected.

Preparing your mind and body for pregnancy can be incredibly nourishing for both you and your future baby.  If the fertility journey isnt a simple one whether through known or unknown reasons there is so much work that can be done.

Life Wholeness 

You may be wanting to explore your body, mind or your soulful connection. Whether you are wanting to deepen into a yoga practise or perhaps exploring what makes you thrive.

What do we cover?

  • Embodied and somatic movement
  • Breathwork
  • Womb healing & womb massage
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Ancient wisdom for women's health
  • Cyclical living & menstrual cycle charting
  • Fertility & reproductive conditions
  • Hormone health & nutrition
  • Mineral testing, hormone testing, gut testing
  • Emotional & physical detox from parasites
  • Hypnosis for rewiring the mind

How do we work together?

We can meet either in person or online. I am based in High Peak at The High Peak Health Clinic and Hazel Grove at my lovely studio Orange Bloom Yoga.

I will provide the safe and quiet space for us to move and explore the options that work for you.

Via zoom (or teams) we can also create the same beautiful space over the wifi!

Simply leave me your details and we can have a free no obligation chat.

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