Blog The Inner Critic

What do you need the inner critic for? 

  • To help you edit, refine and mature your creative endeavors
  • To create precision and potency
  • To remind you what really matters to you
  • To keep your priorities straight
  • To ensure you stay awake and present (i.e. have you gone into auto-pilot, are you just doing what you think you ought to rather than what you really want to)
  • To give you perspective—by popping you out of your limited view you’re able to see things from different angles
  • To help you to take a stronger stand for yourself and what you are creating (AUTHORITY, baby!)
  • To grow your confidence and help you to feel more ease with the inevitable increased visibility that comes with creating anything
  • To grow your power, capacity and worthiness to ‘mother’ whatever you birth into the world
  • To liberate you to be yourself, without apology
  • To bring you into a collaborative partnership with Life. So little old you don’t have to do the creating all by yourself.

Premenstrual Rage 

Both the autumnal holy fire that rises in you in the face of injustice as well as the seething fury that surges at the sight of a dishwasher that still hasn’t been emptied.

We believe behind our premenstrual tension and rage actually lies an indignation of soul—an outrage that our cyclical experience is not recognized and honoured each month. 

So what do we bloody do about it?!

We dare to turn towards ourselves and honour our premenstrual experience, in whatever ways we can.

We recognise that our vulnerabilities are openings to the untamed, complicated messiness of being fully human. 

We stay in touch with ourselves as the wash of rage, frustration, or judgment washes through us, without reacting or collapsing. And honour that our anger holds meaning.

We feel our own boundaries and recognise deep needs that are calling for our attention—taking time and space to hear ourselves. 

… And we double down on our cycle awareness practice, knowing that each and every cycle check-in is actually a sacred reclamation of our cyclical nature.

How can Womb Therapy help?

If you struggle with the inner critic each month to the point it is affecting your decision making, your overall confidence and your ability to put yourself out there then womb therapy can help.

Womb therapy explores your inner landscape and allows you to process root causes and deep embedded ideas. It does this through the min body connection as well as hypnotherapy and energy work.