Me & Wild Sanctuary

Me - Helen Fenton

Yoga teacher, body worker, womb therapist, EFT practitioner, Menopause to Menstruation Specialist, Studio owner and witch! And not forgetting life long student of cyclical living.

Wild Sanctuary is my portal for YOU to heal and thrive. Whether its for a fertility journal or living your best post menopausal life - I am here to help. 

I started my journey many years ago with my Yoga Teacher training, from there it has been a wonderful exploration of a different way of living. 

Holistics are my passion, I am a nature lover and am constantly looking for new ways of living more in cycle with myself and the natural world around me. 

I want you to feel empowered to live with your cyclical nature no matter what your goals are. 

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Wild Sanctuary

As part of my journey through wellness to wholeness I created 'Wild Sanctuary'. 

I began to host women's circles, retreats and workshops that shared all my learning with women who wanted to live more wildly and freely but also take care of themselves more thoroughly . 

Wild Sanctuary is a collective where you can learn, grow and relax into a more cyclical way of life.

If you would like to join then take a look HERE

What to expect

When working with me whether in circle or 1:1 you can expect magical things to happen.  

Find out more HERE or  read more about Womb Therapy HERE

I would love to hear from you so drop me an email on helen@orangebloomyoga.com so we can get a chat scheduled in. 


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